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Revving up e-commerce 
Most e-commerce merchants must create their own web catalog. Creating and maintaining the catalog is labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. See how CABWorx helps you minimize the effort to maintain you e-catalog.

Simplifying catalog creation 
CABWorx presents a dynamic and comprehensive catalog whose construction is defined by the contractual agreement between a manufacturer and a merchant.  CABWorx seamlessly integrates with equaTEK’s Interport Portal Store, allowing the catalog to be presented quickly and easily on the merchant’s website.

Cutting losses from inventory 
Merchants often maintain significant inventory to meet forecasted or “hoped for” sales volumes.  See how CABWorx can help you reduce your inventory.

Bringing manufacturers and merchants together 
Whether you’re a manufacturer or a merchant, providing exceptional customer support and efficiency in communications is a challenge.  See how CABWorx can help you interact with your manufacturers and suppliers more easily.

Increase your product offerings without adding inventory 
Your customers often turn to the major retailers because of their brand awareness and expansive product offering. Your own soaring operating costs make it harder and harder to compete.   See how CABWorx can help you reduce your operating costs.

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